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I have created a fillable timecard in Adobe.  We would like to electronically distribute the timecards through Adobe by one person in payroll to all employees.  The timecard will be filled in by the employee.  Once the employee digitally signs the timecard all fields are locked with the exception of the approval signature by the supervisor.  The timecard will then be electronically distributed to the supervisor for signature.  Once signed the supervisor will then electronically distribute the timecards back to the payroll person.  

The form is working very well and the locked fields are in place.  My concern is with the distribution process.  My questions are:  1) Will we have to use the email distribution of this form?  It does not appear that we can distribute through because the supervisor will not have access to the form for signature; 2) Will we have to limit the number of people involved in this distribution?; 3) About 6 people have Adobe 9.3.1 and most of the others (about 80) have Adobe Reader 8.0 or below?  We have issues with IT upgrading all the computers to Adobe Reader 9.  Can we do this with the old version of Adobe or will we have to upgrade everyone's computer.

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see this link for details:
     It looks like all employees involved in the editing of the timecards should upgrade to Adobe Writer 9.
Adobe Reader....little or no reason to upgrade from version 8 to version 9 unless you need better support for Adobe flash or a bug fix for a bug that affects your operation.

Adobe Writer (Acrobat)....consider upgrading if you need any of the following features:
               Windows 7 compatibility
               Multi-computer co-editing of a single document
               PDF Portfolio for inner-office multimedia transfer
               native support for Adobe flash


Thanks for the information.  Is it free to upgrade from Adobe Acrobat 7 to 9?

No, see this link:

Acrobat Pro first time buyer price $449
Acrobat Pro upgrade price $159
Adobe reader is free as always
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You have helped me regarding the need to upgrade Adobe reader from 8 to 9 and I now know there is a charge to upgrade Acrobat from 7 to 9.  But I still need an answer on the distribution process.  Will we need to use the email distribution versus when we distribute?  In other words it doesn't appear that when a form is distributed through that you can do anything with the form.  It seems to only collect data and the distributed is not accessible once it is returned
Think of Adobe 9 as enabling your office have a multi-user document database for collaborating and sharing documents  on a secured basis from anywhere in the world.  Picture members of a project team based in Hong Kong, USA, UK collaborating and making changes to the same document on-line in real time.  In that context (collaboration/sharing), you will not need to use email. However, for office communications in generaI (not involving collaborative documents), I would envision you still using email.  


So if a person sends out a timecard to an employee to fill out, digitally sign and return to the originator, would they use email or the distribution?  We like the feature of being able to track the timecards...who has returned it and who hasn't.  I don't see where one can do anything to a form that has been sent out by
Ok, the timecard in this context would be a secured collaborative document.  Envision a collaborative effort, with  every section of the document capable of being restricted, viewed, signed or edited by authoriized personnel on-line.  During the time the document is being updated in collaboritive fashion, it is available from a shared folder.  After the document has been released or published, then I would envision email as the normal channel for further communication related to the document.
PS:  see this link for a case study of an "Adobe 9 office":

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