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Creating GroupWise Document Libraries

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I have setup a GroupWise 8.0.1 email system. I want to check out the document library option. I reviewed the help file and it said that the administrator sets up the document library and the administrator determines who can create what. So, what is it exactly the administrator is supposed to do? I want to make sure I use my document libraries correctly and I want to ensure that all the users can do whatever it is they need to do.

Please provide me a hyperlink that tells me what the administrator needs to do so that users can create their own document libraries and also so that they are not restricted in sharing them with others. So far, it looks like there is no restriction. I am just trying to do what the help file says.

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By default the installation likely created a Library object.  You can confirm via ConsoleOne by clicking on the GroupWise System and then choosing Libraries from the drop down list box in the top center of the screen.  If you see a library, the object is created and needs to be configured.

Assuming it is there, right click properties.  First go to Storage Area and confirm that the check box for Save documents under the post office is NOT checked.  Create a directory on the same volume where your PO resides but not under it.  Call it GWdocs for example.  Add a Storage Area and put in the UNC path to this location.  This is where the documents will be saved, indexed, archived, etc.  The reason you put the docs away from the PO is so the Storage Area can be moved easily to another server or drive structure if needed.  If the docs are under the PO, you have to move the PO in order to move the docs...a much more time consuming process.

Next under Rights tab, make yourself the Librarian.  Grant View to Public and nothing more.  By granting View to Public, users can see that docs are there but they can't do anything with them.  The Author of the docs grants rights to Read, Edit, etc.  If Public has these rights, there is no security on the docs.

If you want to create some specific document properties that might be required as a user either imports a doc or creates a new doc in the library they are prompted to enter required info such as client name or project number.  Look for the Document Management Utility from within ConsoleOne I believe (it has been awhile since I set up required properties).

I WISH Novell could have properly marketed Document Management to the world.  It sets up in minutes, is rock solid (I've got a few clients with millions of documents in GroupWise DM) and is FREE with your GroupWise mailbox license.  There is nothing to do to the POA other than tune Quick Finder indexing.

Hope this helps...



Thank you Scott. I appreciate the thorough detail.