What is GroupWise Best Practices for Performance/Security with IMAP?  Direct to POA or GWIA?

Cesar Esteban CEH, CISSP
Cesar Esteban CEH, CISSP used Ask the Experts™
According to NotifyLink, it is best to configure our multiple PO system with IMAP for performance issues and stability, but I like to ask the security implications to this method?  We currently have three POs and two GWIAs that one is specific for IMAP and POP.
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Well That note talks about stability and performance, but doesn't mention security at all. The vendor certainly has some reason for recommending that practice, but they don't say it's a requirement, just a best practice. The note doesn't give any specifics, so you don't have much to go on.

In terms of security, both the GWIA and POA can support IMAP, and both allow use of SSL/TLS, so there's nothing inherently more risky about the communication either way. However there is a disadvantage in that to do this you would need to expose the POA itself to the internet. One of the functions of the GWIA is to act as a gatekeeper between the internet and the groupwise system. Having a single point of entry gives you more control and less exposure.

Personally I would probably stick with the GWIA unless I encountered some specific problems with stability. Think about your current system's stability and performance. If you're having issues, then you may prefer to follow their best practice.  

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