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Preparing for Exchange 2010 and I'm at the point of running setup /PrepareAD [/OrganizationName. Question that I have not been able to find a clear answer on is what is the OrganizationName? Is this something that currently exists in my AD/Exchange environment and is critical that I enter it exactly right to match or is this a new value that Exchange 2010 will use and has no reference to my existing environment?

I have 1 forest with 2 domains and 1 exchange "organization", is this the name it wants?

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if you have already Exchange then you won't be prompted for the org name and org name is not required, if this is a new installation is ORG name represents a group of Exchange settings inside AD
If you are installing Exchange 2010 in existing Exchange 2003/2007 domain you need to just run

setup /PrepareAD

To Find Organization name in Exchange 2007
Get-OrganizationConfig | select name

Exchange 2003 Organization name is shown in console itself
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You can think about Organization in exchange as equivalent to the forest in Active Directory.

It is just a name that will define your exchange organization. You will have one and only one Exchange organization per active directory forest.

You can have an exchange organization with just one exchange server or hundreds of them as long as it is part of the same Active Directory forest they will still be part of the same organization no matter if we are talking about exchange 2000 / 2003 / 2007 / 2010

Technically speaking this name will not directly affect any user / decision / behavior of the system it is just a name.

All this being said you will only need to define an exchange organization if the exchange 2010 you are working on is the first exchange to ever be installed. if you are transitioning from a previous version of exchange then you already have an organization and you don't need to do anything


All 3 solutions were helpful but Akhater provided a nice description of the Exchange org. and analogy to an AD forest, so the majority of points awarded to Akhater.

Thanks to all responders and this service which is invaluable to me as a support tool

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