Exchange Server 2007 - Send As Permission for a Mailbox issue

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I am on SBS 2008 which obviously has Exchange 2007.
I have set a Users mailbox in exchange to allow permission to another User to send and recieve on their behalf
I did this by adding the second User to the " Manage Send As Permission's" and " Manage Full Access Permission's" for First Users Mailbox.
Once I did this all seemed well, "the second User can send emails and recieve for the First User"
Then after probably 5 mins the Second user could no longer send emails for the First User again.
I went back and checked the settings I had setup in  " Manage Send As Permission's" and they had been dropped.
I then repeated what I had done originally and added the second User to the First Users " Manage Send As Permission's" mailbox.
Sure enough It continues to drop the settings after 5 mins again.
I am unsure as to how to resolve this problem as I thought that was all I needed to do.
If anyone knows why this is happening and how to fix the problem,
I would be most appreciative.
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Could it be that that user is a member of a protected group?


So from what I have read that means if you have a User as a member of any security group you can't allow another user to manage the firsts emails.
Is that correct?
I had this issue with a couple SQL admins. It was the protected group issue.

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Backup Operators
Domain Admins
Schema Admins
Enterprise Admins
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debuggerau and LCNW are correct this is probably because the user is member of a protected group

read more about it and how to solve it below


You are correct he was originally setup as an Administrator of the Server.
Im not sure how to remove him from this group as it was done when the Server was first installed.
Is it possible to remove the original administrator ???


Thanks Guys, I have just removed the Administrator Group from the Users profile in Active Directory.
Now it is working

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