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Lock FPS in game

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Hi All,
1. Is there a way to lock FPS in game. For example for it to lock the fps at 120 or maybe 'cap' the FPS limit at 120? I'm looking for an external program that can be used for any games and not a built in command.

2. Is there a limitation of FPS when you cap/lock/limit it, for example it has to be lower/at the screen refresh rate? I dont think there is a direct correlation between the screen refresh rate to the fps unless we're talking about vsync. Correct me if im wrong though.


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Not generically - FPS is a function of the games engine driving the game so there are fixes that will do this per game (or even sometimes per engine) If you try to lock down the FPS for the system the game engine will try to ignore that and play at the normal frame rate, the system will then try and hold it back and it'll end up throwing off errors and crashing :(


FRAPS does have a function to lock FPS while recording video in game. If only i can have that function turned on without the video recording that'd be great. It actually shows that my FPS is 'capped' at 120 or any numbers that I put in.

I'm looking for a similar program without the video recording function if possible. There is this game that glitches when the player's FPS goes higher than 200, this is the reason I'm asking..
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You could try locking the FPS to your graphics card's refresh rate through VSync
Actually, FPS is generally a bit of distortion.  A game can't display 120 frames per second if your monitor only refreshes 60 times per second.  If a game shows FPS it's often showing how fast the game could render frames.  Often this is faster than your monitor can update and you get an FPS higher than the refresh rate.

As Masqueraid says, the speed the game can render is a matter of how fast the game is, how fast your graphics card is, what is being rendered and many other factors.  If the game supports vsync that will lock the render update to the refresh rate of your monitor (if the game is running fast enough).  Typically that means either 60hz or 72hz.

If your graphics card has a control panel you can usually set options to fix vsync whether than game supports it or not.  It does this by configuring the driver wait to for vsync when it is told to display the next frame.


I will have input lag with VSync i.e. delay in mouse movement. This isn't good enough for the gameplay itself.

I'm using a 17" CRT which allows me to go up to 120hz refresh rate on a 640x480 in-game resolution. I also use a program called Refresh lock to lock the Monitor frame per second to 120Hz when the game starts (the game automatically sets down any monitor refresh rate to 60 MAX - hence I use Refreshlock). However this does not cap the in-game frame per second to anything around 100 ish which is a problem..

I will need some sort of program to hook the game to limit its' frame per second to around 120 (same as monitor) BUT without the input delay. As we agreed VSync provides input delay from the mouse (although i'm not sure what the reason is)..
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It might just be quicker to know which game you need to cap


Fear Combat
Try asking on the website's online forums:  http://www.fearcombat.org/plugins/forum/forum.php

It'd be ridiculous if they don't have some in game option for this.  If they don't, try running another game or a certain number of other programs to lower how fast the game plays.
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