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Can not synch mpeg3 files within itunes to my ipod

pbo1 used Ask the Experts™
I can not synch mpeg3 files to my ipod.  I get an error message saying "iTunes could not copy Songxxx to the iPod...Error -50.

Odd thing is if I convert the mpeg file to an aac file then the synch works.  Note my hard drive is almost full, not sure if this would be an issue..Someone said this could be video driver issue ?
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When you said "mpeg-3" files, Are you talking about mp3 music files?
mpeg-3 are video files, a very simple test will be to change the extension to mp3
does iTunes now reads it?


Sorry...it is a mpeg audio file...mp3....format says mpeg1 layer 3 bit 128 Kbps


A few more tidbits...if I convert the file to the same bit (128) via 3rd part software...it still does not synch...if I convert to a 160 bit via 3rd part software...and then I put my synch settings to synch at 128 bits it synchs..If I try synching these 128 bit mp3 songs on any of my other PC's there are no issues..
Your almost full HD could be the issue.  Although I know mp3 files can be put on the ipod by iTunes I do believe it does some converting.  How much free space do you have?  Can you free up enough space so you have at least 10GB of total free space?  Then if you try again does it work?  I can try to verify the "conversion" I mentioned but the lack of free space on either device could definitely be a problem IMO.

Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop Support

I would do the following

* Quit iTunes, Copy your iTunes folder to another storage area that has enough space so that you can make a backup of all your music including your iTunes library files

* Free up as much space as you can as mentioned above

* Run Disk utility ( macintosh hd --> applications --> utilities and select macintosh hd in the left pane --> click on repair disk permissions and let it run and repair them ( might be better and faster to do this from your installer disc from the utilities / tools menu )

* Once done in OS X run software updater and update iTunes to the latest version which I believe is 9.3 ?

* Re load iTunes and accept terms and conditions ( normally prompts you with them once updating to a later version of iTunes )

Then test again.


According to the Appled dude it was a HD issue..I went and bought a new laptop..I transferred the songs and I was fine..