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Search for duplicated folders in ftp server

royalgoldleaf used Ask the Experts™

Is there any software (windows) that support searching of duplicated folders in ftp server?
Currently i am using CuteFtp, but i dont think it have this function.

The folder is in this format


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Do you want to find the duplicate files through FTP link or on the FTP server?


Noob here..
I dont understand your question...
Normally i use ftp program in windows, then use the search function to find...
Instead of using CuteFtp, try connecting using Internet Explorer.  Enter "ftp://ftp.yourservername.com" customized for the correct "yourservername" and dot com/net/whatever.  That, or simply enter "ftp://192.168.102.x" or whatever IP address the server is using.  

Unfortunately, this German version of Windows doesn't tell me how to search for folders on an FTP site but your version of Windows might have search that you can understand.  

If you were searching for duplication of a specific folder name, that's one question.  If you were searching for all instance of file name duplication, that's another.  Perhaps FTP isn't the best method.

Use SSH or Telnet to log in and enter "ls -alR" to do a recursive screen listing of all files on the server that are within the source folder or above (\home, home\etc, home\bin and the like).  Keep screen logging on to capture your results or redirect the output from the search to a local file for later review.