Looking for simple PHP MySQL event calendar?

Loganathan Natarajan
Loganathan Natarajan used Ask the Experts™
I would like to have simple php mysql event calendar. Also it has to be simple to customize it my own. When I search in google lots of scripts. not sure which is good one.

I need to display simple calendar on the public and when user click on the date , the details to be shown.

In admin part, he will add the events to the dates.
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Web Expert
Check this:


This one is best from my point of view..

Hope this helps,
Avinash ZalaWeb Expert
Same product but with different flavor:


Hope this helps
You could also check this one out:


Easy to incorporate and use.

Good hunting
I can sort this out for you 110% gurranted can you add me on msn Neoashura@hotmail.com

Basiclly i have MADE exactly what you are looking for and you are 110% welcome to it. it does EXACTLY what your looking for. really easy to set up too.


thanks, i was expecting some free and easy scripts
yeah i could of given you the WHOLE system and Sql database for nothing.. all you would have to do is edit the titles in anyway u wanted.. compltely free in exchange for the full points. oh well.

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