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I am planning to install exchange 2010 and my AD environment is Domain functional level 200 native and Forrest functional level 2000, i must upgrade to domain functional level to 2003 and forrest functional level to 2003
can any one help how to do this. which order shuld i follow ,changing domain functional level first and then forrest functional level or other way arround. I dont have any windows 2000 Domain controllers.
thank you
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Change the forest to 2003 native first, then I would wait 1 replication cycle to ensure no errors happen.  Then do all of your domain function levels then wait for replication to run again before installing exchange.


thanks for the answer can you confirm have to do forrest function first not domain functional level

according to article bleow its domain first and then forrest

We just performed the same upgrade here and did the forest first then the 4 domains.  It went off without a hitch.  I will double check our logs to ensure the order we did it in though.
I take that back, just looked at our logs and we raised the domain level first then the forest level.  To many red bulls and a long night make it hard on memory :p


thanks have a great day
Justin OwensITIL Problem Manager

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