can i install visual studio 2008 in windows 7 ??

Parth48 used Ask the Experts™
can i install visual studio 2008 in windows 7 ??
because i get the error when i install visual studio 2008 ...
so can u help me ?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2013

Can't help you ... without knowing the error... why not post a screen shot?

You will have to be more specific about the Error you are recieving. Do you have VS2010 RC installed?

YES you can install it. It should install without any problems. Can you tell us what problem you have encountered.

Here is a well known problem and how to resolve it:

It applies for Windows 7 too, not only the Beta version.
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you can install it on windows 7 i am using it.


when i installing visual studio 2008 from dvd i get below error ..

setup has encountered a problem while trying to copy :
please retry to attemp the copy again. press cancel to cancel setup ..

how can i solve above error ?? i also attach the error snapshot ..

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2013

That seems to be a copy error - your DVD could be dirty or the installation media corrupt.  Download it again (assuming you have it through MSDN) or try to clean the DVD and then install.  Or copy the DVD contents to a folder on the hard drive and try to run setup from there.

Are you using the 90 Day free trial ISO ?

You can try downloading the Express Edition instead of that is the case:

What size of file you have downloaded? It has to be 3.3 GB (VS 2008 Pro Edition Trial). If it is less, the download have not finished or occured some kind of error while downloading. Try to download again. Also, try to use Virtual Mounting Drive tool (e.g. Daemon Tools).  Also you should run setup as an administrator (or just press "Yes" to Allow to run as administrator when it the table is prompted). If this will not help, try do disable firewall and antivirus.

Good luck!
I have installed vs 2008 pro in Win 7 pro
It's successful and it's working fine too
Can u be more specific
Whats I: drive
is it the dvd drive
Then looks like a problem with the Iso
If u downloading the Iso agin without writing to a DVD try to open the iso using WINRAR and run the setup
thats how i did
Trial could not be a problem any way
It wont be a issue
But if u are not going to buy it better to use Express edition
How ever firewalls also want be a problem since i installed when every thing is on

Are you using an antivirus? If yes, what AV? It may block the file


m using avg antivirus . can avg block that file ??
avg is not a powerful tool in blocking spams
So i dont think it will be a problem
any kind of a firewall want stop vs since its a microsoft process
try download it again

Parth48 - If you go through the post i sent you many ppl had the problem you are having, the link is on the MS forum with thier answer. They had an issue where they released an ISO where everyone had this problem.
Turnoff Firewall and run setup again
Thanks MarioC82
Thats a useful information for every one
But as i said its a problem with iso not any other thing

The only other reason i can think of is that you already have DW20.exe in your c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\ directory and the file is in use. This file is delivered with microsoft office 2003 and .net framework by the looks of it.

You can check your processes and see if its running, termiate it by ending process and renaming it to something else, then try installing again.


Thanks to all of you .
Visual studio 2008 successfully installed in windows 7 , only reason is visual studio 2008 cd corrupted..
anyway thanks .....
ok its good here you solved the problem
Happy vs 2008

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