Using Exchange 2010 mailboxes on 2 Trusted Forest

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My organisation has 2 separate Active Directory Forest in 2 different geographical sites, and Both have 2 way trust established.
An user A is currently in but will be relocating to He will be spending 50% of his time at both sites. However, he wants to maintain his email account in such that he can send and receive on

My plan is to create Forwarding on Exchange Server on to
Thus all his incoming emails will be forwarded out to
When he is in site, he will connect to and SendAs

Just 2 issues I have problem with-

1. Can I setup Outlook 2010 on to SendAs default when he is in domain? I want him to be able to send using without having to switch the From: every time he sends email.

2. How do I route his sent items such that he when he sends out from as --> A copy is kept on in his Sent Items?
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Hi Frukeus,

I think it is not possible the way you want it. You can configure transport rules etc, but it takes a lot of configuring to do without all the functionalities.
What you can try is using Outlook 2010. Now you can use multiple Exchange accounts with 1 Outlook profile. You still have to choose from which account to mail from, but he has all his information without to much trouble...
Hope this will be sufficient for you.



Sorry, I need to clarify. He does not require to use the same Outlook program at both sites.

In, he will use a PC that has Outlook 2010 configured for
Similarly, in, he will use another PC with an Outlook 2010 that is connected to's Exchange.

I only need to have all his emails (incoming and outgoing) available on both mailboxes in the 2 different Exchange Servers and able to send as on both sites as a default.
Default sending from is (by my knowledge) not possible to change to something else as the account you're connected to.
You could create Transport roles to send copies of every mail from and to him. But those e-mails will all be delivered as normal e-mail in the inbox.
So I think it is not possible, if you however find a solution to do so, please let me know.

Good luck!


I've managed to configure exchange account from forest to send as and route the mails from to forward to

Thus emails sent to will be forwarded over and when he replies from, it also reflects as

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