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User has Windows XP. Storage is HP x1800. User creates a new folder on a network share. The new folder does not show immediately. If you close the explorer window and open it again you can see the new folder. I think the user also in the past has said that sometimes when he copies files from one place on the network to another it takes some time before he can see them in the destination.

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Is there any latency in network?
check the replication settings.
In my opinion you have to check couple of things

1. Latency or broadcast in the network
2. May be the Folder path is too long
3. Explorer.exe is creating the problem
4. Any process is taking too much memory


I don't thinkt there is any latency in the network but I haven't measured it. What would be the best way to check latency in this case?
logon with your credentials and repeat the same (creating folder and all) then see what is happening
Are you sure the information is not cached somewhere first before actually being written to the physical disk? This could explain why it does not show immediately.
I found out the solution (but not what caused the problem). The user had a shortcut to a folder. If you used the shortcut to access the folder you had to push F5 to see changes. If you didn't use the shortcut but copied the address in the shortcut and pasted it into explorer it worked.

I created a new shortcut with the exact same address and there was no longer a problem. There must have been some problems with the shortcut. We changed storage system a while ago.


1. The computer need more physical memory
2. The computer too much install application software, so the virtual memory is empty
3. Process on your network is too bussy, need better network hardware
Try, if you don't do so, to use PC names instead of IP addresses. Then enable the NetBios over TCP/IP. If you are using an ActiveDirectory Domain, set the first DNS as the IP address of the Domain Controller.

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