Error moving public folders to new exchange server, SBS 2008 migration

Jakob Digranes
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I'm in the middle of an SBS 2003 to 2008 migration, and stumbled upon som errors during Exchange migration (and i don't even know the first thing about exchange troubleshootiing).

Both exchange server is available in First Administrative Group, and replicas is in sync, according to replication status.

When I right click on source server, and choose "Move All Replicas" I can choose destination server (SBS2008) and exchange tells me that this might take a while to fulfill, and then it starts working, and goes on for something like 10 seconds - and then stops. No errors, but folder instances is not moved, they're all still in old exchange, but not accessible in users Outlook (since I've migrated mailboxes without any problems)

Looking into Event Viewer i get following evens: failed an operation on folder (...) because the user did not have the following rights:
delete, read property, write prop, create message, view item, create subfldr, write security descriptor, write owner, read security descriptor, contact.

And when I right click a public folder - and go to Client Permission, i get error 80004005, failed, and permissions is blanked out, and when I try to add administrator as owner, and click OK - same error againg 80004005 - and permissions aren't stored

I've tried to look into error with HOST HEADER in IIS - it is blank (for the 80004005 error)

any ideas??
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in Exchange Management Console under toolbox using the public folder tool are you able to browse the public folders?
What happens if you right click on one of them and select properties? Can you see the SBS2008 server in the replicas list?


in SBS2008 - looking at Public Folder tool, All I can see as Public Folders server is new SBS2008 server. Which has really no public folders other than OAB and some system folders. None of the custom folder made in Exchange 2003

When i try to connect to SBS2003 via Right Ciick connect to server, it only shows SBS2008 as public folder servers ...

this might be some problem ... ?
have I moved the Public Folders role, and not the folders ??
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You cannot manage the 2003 public folders from the 2008 server, the only way to do it is through Exchange System Manager.

In Exchange System Manager you are right clicking on the top level folder and selecting move all replicas?


Yup - in Exchange System Manager in SBS 2003 I right click, choose Move All Replicas.
It finds new server, and starts to move, then stops after 5 secs with no error.
All PF Instances are still on old server.
In event viewer - the error complaining on user permission is posted.

But unable to set client permissions on the PF Instances (ref. error 80004005)


based on this:

Looking into public folders in systems manager 2003, public folder properties, it looks like only SBS2008 is present under replication tab ...
perhaps I could just add SBS2003 and try moving again?
Waka Waka --- It somehow is replicated over to new server now?

I have absolutely no idea what i did.

For future references, this is what I've done:
- Looked into public folder properties in Systems Management for SBS2003, replication tab - added sbs 2003 and that might have been the trick.
- Removed SMTP Smart host on old Exchange Server (according to blogpost link above)

the two items above might have solved the problem ...

- I've done no changes to permission.
- I did look into ADSI Edit, but did not change anything there (looking for :443 binding)
- Ran best practice analyzer on all server

For everyone else -- happy hunting in the joyful world of SBS migration :-)

Thanks for all feedback, and hints

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