Lose all ability to access OWA and Blackberry access with new SSL certificate

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Hi - We have a client that recently had their 3rd party certificate expire on their SBS2003 - Since that point we tried to generate a new one, but when we do install it in IIS we lose ability to access any services on it , so OWA doesnt work and neither do Blackberries pick up emails.

We have checked all authentication setupp based on this link:

I also disabled forms based authentication in MS Exchange Manager as well but that didnt make a difference - i am not sure if its an error in the way the certiifcate is setup initially?

I previously had a nightmare with setting up a 3rd party one but cracked, though somehow the knowledge i learnt from that experience , i cannot apply properly in this instamce -
Are there any good sites that give decent step by step intructions on how to install an Internal Certificate?

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1.) Start - Run - MMC

2.) Add Remove Snap IN - Certificates - Computer A/c - Local Computer

3.) Now Expand Personal Store - Right Click on Certificate - Select Import - Import the Crt File provided by the Vendor

4.) once done Double Click on the Certificate you imported should be visible in the Right Pane

5.) Ensure it has the Private Key (Certificate - General Tab - "You have Private key correspondng to Certificate"

If you don't have the Private Key - Then Follow http://support.microsoft.com/kb/889651

Again Ensure You have the Private Key

6.) Now Right Click on the Certificate - Export - Accept All Default and Simply click Next

Now you have a .Pfx File

7.) Use IISManager - Right Click Default Web Site - Properties - Directory Security - Server Certificate - Remove Current Certificate - OK - Server Certificate - Assing Existing Certificate in .Pfx Format - Select the Certificate from Step

8.) Restart IISAdmin Service
you use below link to install certificate server and self certificate to the front end server in 2003




Many thanks chaps - i will go with these and report back
Shreedhar EtteTechnical Manager
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Does this is GoDaddy Certificate? Then follow this article to install it:

Also check this article:

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