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Lotus SNMP Agent

aib_it used Ask the Experts™

After restarting the Lotus Domino Server now while start up of Lotus note we are receiving the following errors after each min:

in Lotus Note console:
1.) Failed to open event LNIPC-Servsem [3].
2.)  SNMP agent is not available.

In snmp screen:
1.) HConEvt - Failed to receive ack from client.

And also an error coming repeatedly the in windows screen:
stnsd.exe - Application error (Title of the error message)
The application failed to initialize properly (0xc00001420. Click on ok to terminate the application.

Please assist me in the trouble shooting the issue. As i dont have experience of the Lotus domino administration.

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Hi, Both above links are not related to this issue.
stnsd.exe - Application error (Title of the error message)

The upper mentioned error comes becuase of accessing the LD server via a remote console mode, try accessing the server from the primary console.

For setting up the SNMP agent,, do the following...

      Configuring the Agent:
      To configure the SNMP agent for Lotus Notes (Domino server),
            1. Make sure that the Windows SNMP service is installed by going to Control Panel -> Add Windows Components.
            2. Stop the Lotus LNSNMP and Windows SNMP services from the command prompt in case they are running.
                  cd \Lotus\Domino
            net stop lnsnmp
            net stop snmp
            1. Configure the Lotus Domino SNMP Agent as a service:
                  lnsnmp -Sc
            1. Start the SNMP and LNSNMP services

            net start snmp
            net start lnsnmp

I strongly recommend to go through the LD documentation before setting up any parameters....


Didnt get the exact solution for which i was looking.