Setting up WDS with different hardware

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Hi Guys,

Hope you guys can help with this. Im at a client installing additional wireless access points & setting them up in WDS mode with the older access points. I got it working but it drops the connections every now and then and get a limited connectivity notification. Could this be because the new hardware cannot operate with the older hardware? I have been trying everything but I just cant seem to get it right. Both access points are on the same channel, same ssid, same security key and i swopped the mac addresses around.

The hardware that is being used is D-Link Access Points:

DAP-1360 - New Hardware
DWL-2100AP - Old Hardware

Looking forward to your replies.


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Interoperability with WDS is not good, for certainty you need the same chipset in each unit. Having said that if it works at all it should keep working. They have to be on the same channel with the same security to work, SSID can be different and this can help with diagnostics.

What gets the error message - a client device ?


Shouldnt the SSID's be the same? It must function as one access point, correct? Same security, do you mean that the security key must be the same for both? Or are you referring to something else here? There is no error message it just disconnects from time to time and I receieve the limited connectivity notification.

the SSID need not be the same, but they can be. WDS is MAC layer repeating the SSID is carried above that.

Same security = same type of security *and* same key.

When you say " I receive the limited connectivity notification " please explain where you receive this error message.


yes it is the same security and the same key.

the limited connectivity notification is received on the workstations when trying to connect to the WDS network. dhcp is switched on on the ap and even if i make the addresses static it is not connecting. you can see the signal is repeating from the other ap but would not allow to connect.
ok it doesnt look like i am getting a reply here. i have came up with a solution. the client got more than 5 ap's on the network, i am just to swop them so the same chipsets work with each other, doesnt look like i am going to win by using a new chipset and try to set it up with an old one.

thanks anyway guys.

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