Restore deleted mailbox from backupexec to the exchange 2000/2003

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We have exchange 2000 and 2003 servers in our mixed envoirnment.

Few weeks ago, we had accidently deleted a user with his mailbox from AD, this user was on exchange 2000. The rentention period for mailbox is set to 0 days on exchange 2000 so can't recover it from this way.

We do backup exchange 2000 using backupexec system on tapes and we have a backup of that mailbox and mailbox store.

Now i want to restore that mailbox, so i would like to know what is the best possible practicle way to restore that mailbox.

In my envoirnment, exchange 2000 and 2003 servers are not in the same admin groups so probably i can't use recovery storage group feature of exchange 2003 in order to restore that mailbox as per this article.

However we have migrated all the mailboxes from exchange 2000 to exchange 2003 so currently there are no live mailboxes in exchange 2000 so we are not really worried if something goes wrong during restore of the mailbox to the storage group of exchange 2000 as we dont have any mailbox on exchange 2000 but the reason we are using exchange 2000 is because the exchange connectors are still going through this exchange 2000.

Now i really want honest opinion how can i achive this?

Many thanks

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if you have the backup of that mailbox, you can restore it to a file folder in any PC and there is a software called Ontrack power control

using this software, you can create pst of a even a single mailbox.

But restoring to a file folder, from Ex2000 backup !!!!. I donno it is possible in Backup exec.
There is an option for 2003 and 2007 in backup exec.


well i guess Ontrack power control is not a free tool.

Can't i just restore a mailbox from the backup into the existing exchange 2000 and then once restore i just migrate that mailbox to exchagne 2003 and then by using exmerge i extract it to .pst? what do you say?
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are you was using GRT to backup those mailboxes?? If you have backed up the information store using Granual restore technolgy, I hope you can do the restore on the exchange 2003 on the restore storage group of that paticulr mailbox.
You have to do a method 2  in the article
Do it ina  seprate forest and domain. Can be done in private network and attached the tape drive to it.


yes we do use GRT to backup mailboxes and i can see brick level backup from the backupexec catalog.

But because this is the backup of exchange 2000 so will i be able to restore that perticular mailbox using redirection excahgne in backupexec to recovery storage group on exchange 2003?


agentmik: i think i should consider your option as we do have GRT backup of excahgne 2000 on backupexec 11d but i need to be sure that i can restore using GRT redirection in backupexec 11d to exchagne 2003 recovery storage group?

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