OCS 2007 R2 - Validation warning on Edge server

Sum Wum
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I have installed a OCS 2007 R2 Edge and im running the Validate Edge Server. Everytime i do that, i get this single error:

Checking enhanced federation domain allow list configuration  -  Enhanced Federation Domain Allow List Partner: None Found

What does it mean and how do I solve this issue?

Another question:
Is it okay to install the reverse proxy on the edge server?
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For the first question, some edge server deployments are intended to alow OCS to operate with specific busuiness partners. That requires setting up trusted domains. If you are not doing this (and I think you'd know if you were) then you don't need to worry about the message. One of those "you'd know what it meant if it were important" scenarios.
As far as your second question, there are several security considerations properly setting up an edge server and reverse proxy configuration. I don't kinow enough about your network to answer that question, and it is complex enough taht getting into it via EE isn't partcularly practical.
With that said, this tool can help you figure out your best strategy and get you into the planning guides in the appropriate place:


What can I use for the HTTP reverse proxy. We dont have and dont want to use ISA 2006.
BusbarSolutions Architect

No, don't install TMG on the Edge.

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