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Windows Explorer Bubble Popup

monaghantrevor used Ask the Experts™
Hello all,

Usualy from hovering with the mouse pointer over the visible icons of the notofication area of the windows taskbar a Bubble Popup is displayed with respective information. It will also remain visible for a short time and for as long as the mouse pointer is not moved away.

I have a strange request that is to keep the Bubble Popup displayed for as long as required even so when the mouse curser moved away.

Meaning that a user wishes to keep that Bubble Popup displayed while opening or working on another application.

I found information related to the time the Bubble Popup could remain displayed but once the mouse moved away the Bubble Popup disapears.

I believe that by design such feature might not exist under Vista Professional, and MSIE 7

Kind regards

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2nd Line Engineer

might be of help mate but I think you have to mess around with registry for that which isn't advised.

also, as you said, it is a design feature.


Thanks innocentdevil, your input help to confirm that such problem could not be resolved given that by design windows explorer has not been developed to provide such feature.