(How) can I script a check of syndication results for Portal 6.1

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Every day our customer asks us to check if their syndicators updated succesfully. Part of this check we do is: we go in the console to the "web content syndicators" and click on it's link (under "latest update") to see the results (which usually states "update succeeded").

After that we check some xml stuff on the commandline on the server (IBM AIX 5.3)

My question is: can I find this info (for which now we check manually in the console) somewhere in a file too, OR can I somehow script portal via the commandline to hand over this info, so we can automate this check and have the customer sent the results automatically everyday?

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I'm guessing/betting this is stored in a DB.  Mabye you could check the logs for an entry that a syndicator status check was done, and maybe it would have the results.  

Otherwise, let's hope a guru on here will know a way, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
Wait, I might be wrong.  Try to find the setting for a log file in the admin pages.  There may be one like this one here on Lotus content mgr: (http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/portalwiki.nsf/dx/

Monitor the logs
Once the syndication process is completed, we noticed the following entries in the SystemOut.log for the Syndicator and the Subscriber

Syndicator logs
[ 9/1/08 1:42:55:078 EDT] 00000055 SyndicatorTas I IWKSY1028X: Subscription: IWKSY1096X: [IceId: <8efd48804b09fd3ab22efe116174738a> Current State : <d525eb804a9086648cfdae756e4fc596:1219699739265>] updated successfully.

Subscriber logs
[ 9/1/08 1:43:45:500 EDT] 00000041 SubscriberTas I IWKSY1034X: Finished processing update for subscription: IWKSY1096X: [IceId: <8efd48804b09fd3ab22efe116174738a> Current State : <ICE-INITIAL>]


The latter one looks nice. seems to compare to what I see in the admin console. Will check asap.
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Good luck and if that's not it, I'll check some other stuff out.  Seems like they would supply an easy way to do this.


They should ;-)
It may take a month or so, since tomorrow I wil go on holliday for over 3 weeks. But I'll be back!
Enjoy your break and please let us know what you firgure out.


not abandoned, just holiday. :-(
I'm looking for a new job.  Please let me know where you work that has holidays lasting this long.   :0)


Heheh.... sorry.... you don't wanna work here...
But I ahd to hand over the issue to another engineer because roles have changed here. They do (too) often, that's one of the rasons you don't want to work here ;-)

I'll grant the points, you've waited long enough


with solution still work has to be done. However i'm not in the role anymore to do it myself. Th eorad looked good so points awarded.

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