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Need an Online Backup Service with Scheduling

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Hi Experts,

I am looking for an online backup service that allows for scheduled backups.  MozyPro is great, good pricing, versioning, multiple computer backup, nice web interface and client software etc etc.

Problem is backup scheduling is poor.  We can set the start time of a backup but not an end time.  If an overnight backup does not complete we don't want it to hog bandwidth when users arrive in the morning.

We want to be able to tell it to stop at 8:00AM and continue again in the evening.

Any recommended online backup services that offer this feature?
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Acronis have their own solution that also links in with their True Image software for online backups. I'm not too sure about tellnig it to stop though...
I use Mozy at home (the paid edition).  You're right that you can't set an end time for backups but it does have a 'bandwidth throttling' option, which you can schedule.  So you could set it to throttle bandwidth right down to a minimum during working hours.
SteveIT Manager

Have you considered Carbonite as this provides scheduling and full backup access online via encrypted site..

You may want to look at
iDrive (http://www.idrive.com/)
Egnyte (http://www.egnyte.com/)

For enterprise class backup you may consider BackupExec Online storage or Barracuda


I resolved myself but PSi came the closest.

I actually found you can set MozyPro to throttle bandwidth during a window which I have set to office hours.

Best thing is - you can throttle to "Do Not Upload", effectivly stopping backups during the day.

Thanks for your input experts.