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Hi experts,

I am developing an mvc application and I am trying to use a different account with sql server than my system account. I have set up a user in sql server, and added that user to the list of users for the database i am trying to connect to.

When my site hits the database locally, it won't connect with the sqlserver login credentials. Instead Im getting the NT Network \ SQL server Authroisation error.

Im locally working in 3.5 framework with IIS7 and sql 2008.

Should I not just be able to add a user to the database and then make requests to the sql server from my site using the new user's id and password?
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Are you using "localhost" if you connect locally?

If yes, try to use the computername or ip instead (not loopback ip


This worked. Cheers. I also thinned out the connectionstring to only have data source, database, user id and password

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