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one specific website causing specific issue across multiple machines

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We are experiencing a problem with the login page of the Sedex site :

For me on my machine (XPsp3 w/IE8) i see only a user and password box, some machines in our domain see an additional 'siteid' field and when the 'siteid' shows the login is unsuccessful due to bad user/password.  For testing purposes the Sedex user/password is the same regardless of the machine/user being tested.

userA on pc-A(XPsp3) with IE8 shows 'siteid' field and fails
userA on pc-A(XPsp3) with FF3 shows 'siteid' field and fails
userA on pc-B(XPsp3) with IE8 does not show 'siteid' field and succeeds

userB on pc-A(XPsp3) with IE8 shows 'siteid' field and fails
userB on pc-B(XPsp3) with IE8 does not show 'siteid' field and succeeds

The site users ISA2004  but even when the machines are moved outside of the ISA (with direct web access) the above results remain which i think eliminates ISA2004 as the issue ;

As IE8 or F3 succeeds in some setups but not in others i can't see IE8 or FF3 specifically as the issue ;

As the same user on different machines can have different results i think this eliminates user permission issues ;

The only common theme is simply the showing of 'siteid' field during the login process and the subsequent failure of the login.  To me this suggests that the web server is asking for info from the browser before deciding whether to show this siteid field in the login screen, when it decides not to show it everything runs fine.

Any ideas how we will resolve this issue so all users on all machines for all browsers can login to this site ?
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are you logging into a domain on some PCs and not others ?

what does Helpdesk@Sedex.org.uk have to say ;-)

with Google Chrome on Linux there's no siteid box.


All the 6 machine tested so far are on the domain, some work, some don't.   my home PC (not on domain) i have used FF3, Chrome and IE8 all don't show the 'siteid' and am able to login fine.

Sure, we have a request in with the helpdesk but my colleague has been less than impressed with their first line support so we wanted to go to them with a bit more ammo than 'we can't login' !
Have you looked at the cookies stored on each machine while you're trying to login?  One thing to try is to see what cookies get created on both a working and non-working machine right after you clear out the browser cache and cookies on both computers (if you can without causing issues with something else).


compared cookies on good vs bad but nothing of note, cleared cache n cookies on all affected machines and roberts your fathers brother - all fine.  still can't see anything in the cookies that was different to the 'bad' ones.


clearing cache as suggested by the sedex helpdesk