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I've been asked to attach a billing module to my CMS which is a subscription site where members are billed annually.  

I am looking for a good billing script which will create new invoices for members who wish to subscribe and recurring invoices for existing members.

There must also be a transaction history for each member where they can view past invoices and payments.

There must be a facility for on-line payment using any gateway.

It doesn't have to be a complete script just enough to get me going with table structures, input forms, reports, invoices, receipts, etc.

I must have access to the source code in order to integrate it into the site, so the script must be in ASP/VB Script

Also, it doesn't have to be a free script, I don't mind paying for it.

There are tons of PHP/ASP.Net scripts out there, but hardly any in Classic ASP.

Can anyone help me?
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I afraid you can find such a readymade script.. You have to put your own efforts in program such script.. Experts at EE can give you direction or debug the code written by you for this purpose..

here is the first cue to start with it.. Use paypal subscription or ARB to handle recurring billing.. you can good examples from respective sites..



I can or I can't find a ready made script?

Whilst I would normally agree with you with regards to writing my own script, there are situations when there just isn't enough time to write something from scratch.
Times like these, it suits me to find a ready made script where all the planning, developing and debugging have already been performed. I could quite easily chop the bits I need from it then plug them into my own CMS.
This is a business where time is money and sometimes you just have to push your ego aside and use whatever tools are out there to get the job done.

Thanks for replying anyway.

Dear Nico

First of all answer to your question. I mean to say that i dont think you can find any such readymade script which can be directly integrated to your CMS..

I agree with you that time is money for any type of business, but it is also correct that you cant find something exactly as needed all the time and the situation you mentioned above unfortunately is one out of such situations as per my understanding.

But yes, you can wait and see if anyone else respond here having such script which can directly implementable to your CMS.

Keeping fingers crossed for your..
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Thanks for the reply.

I'm not interested in a complete program that's pluggable into any cms,

I've used a couple of ready scripts in the past and while I find I have to re-write a lot of the code, the fundamental thought process or program flow has already been worked out.

For example, I needed to write a booking/availability script for a hotel site I was working on and found I was spending a lot of time working out the basic principles of how such systems work.
I ended up buying a ready made website with availability and booking built in, simply to find out how such systems work.
The site was cr*p, but parts of the script were quite impressive and very usable.  I ended up adapting the good bits and along with a lot of improvements built a final script into my cms (that I wrote from scratch myself).

Again, thanks for replying and I hope someone else out there has come across something in their travels.


Try this on for size.

I used it for awhile, and it is written in Classic ASP.   You will have to modify it yourself to "plugin" to the CMS.


Thanks kevp75, but I've already looked at superinvoice.

It's a nice script, but it doesn't have any functionality for recurring invoices or for on-line payments.



The paypal option won't work for me at all.

I need a script to automatically create recurring invoices, email them to the members and accept payments for them on-line.  I need all this to be run through a database.

Thanks anyway kevp75.

The paypal option would work perfectly for you.  You would need to develop it yourself though.

It would be relatively easy to store all the info you would need in a database.

or you could contact one of us experts and contract someone to do it for you

either way, you are going to have to do some work. (either by coding it yourself, or by setting up an online payment gateway)

I am currently working on a payment gateway that utilizes Authorize.Net.  In it is a recurring (monthly) payment script that is run.


I agree, but the client is not interested in paypal... at all.

I built another site for the same client for seminar registrations.
I've already bolted that onto the payment gateway they usually deal with, so that side of things won't be a problem for me.

what's the gateway?

What you may want to do (at least for the recurring payment side) is create a .vbs script to process the payments (make sure they are not already processed) and set it up to run under Windows Task Scheduler at whatever interval you need it to.

As for the recurring invoicing...  basically you would have to do the same thing.

(btw...  you would need to do the Task Scheduler thing no matter what... especially on a windwos box)


Barclay's EPDQ.

This script is for a website on a shared hosting account.  I don't have direct access to the server.

I'm also aware of the need for admin intervention for the scripts to run.

Ok....   well....  as I said, you will have to develop the .vbs yourself (or of course contract one of us).

You could also use the SuperInvoice system for the invoicing, just setup the Task to run the invoicing page at a set interval
I've decided to just go ahead and write it myself.

Sorry to waste everyone's time.

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