Foxpro DOS 2.6- Is there a way to force an event (logoff) if no activity

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We have a large legacy system that consists of 100's of programs - menu driven.  Within each menu and/or program, I would like to implement some code to automatically 'log off' the user after a specified period of time (say 5 minutes) of system inactivity.  Is there an easy way to measure this event (inactivity) from within program or data entry screen under Foxpro DOS 2.6.

appreciate any ideas.  willing to pay for supplied code if works well.
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CaptainCyrilFounder, Software Engineer, Data Scientist

There are ways to implement outside timers in FPD.

The way I did it back then is then the user moved from one screen to another or made any selections. The program will check a certain flag in a file: system.maintenance = .T.


could you please elaborate on this a little bit.
Founder, Software Engineer, Data Scientist
I have on main.prg where it manages calling another form or closing one and opening another. Each time the user comes to this main.prg it will check a file called property for a maintenance flag if it's true. If it's true then it will shut the user out and log him off and quit the application. He cannot log in to the system unless this maintenance flag is false. This way I can upgrade the database at any time.

You can either force shutting down the application or prevent the user from proceeding. I do that on the network when upgrading the database.

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