Esxi + Wsus Server + Offline Updates = Confused!!!

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Hope someone can help me sort out which technology / product to use to
preform offline updates on about ~10pcs (Win2000, xp, seven) with
Office 2003, 2007.

How updates are preformed currently:

Using WSUS offline ( and manually updating each pc.
this is time consuming and the reason for not running WSUS is the bandwidth at the
main site is a DSL line which for all other purposes suits fine but not for downloading
large files.

So I would like to streamline the updates instead of preforming manual updates on each

Main Site:
I currently have esxi server running and hosts a single win2k3 wsus server image.
it has NOT yet been configured to deploy any updates or has it downloaded any.

Remote Site (i.e my laptop)
I have vmware workstation running with the same win2k3 wsus server image, here I can download all the updates within this vmware image. I have a 25Mbps cable so the bandwidth is not an issue. I would then close the image and take it to the main site and restore it
on the esx server where the pc's can download the updates.

So the main question is... Am i making this way to complicated, is there a better way to do
this? Any suggestions please...
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So not a bad idea,

if the vm with W2k3 is not a volume license you have to activate the w2k3 every time you copy the vm from your laptop to the esxi server. (in cause auf changing the hardware)

why clone the vm? copy only the datafiles and the downloads from the notebook vm to the wsus offline machine and start wsus offline.

best regards


Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
Top Expert 2010
All you need to do is have WSUS 3 SP2 ( at each site. Configure it to download only the updates and languages you need. Set it to Sync Manually at the DSL connected site. Then each night before you are done working, set it to synchronize. Manual Sync will prevent it from communicating with any update servers to pull new updates until you tell it to. It'll pull updates over night while the DSL link is otherwise not used (or however you want to do it). Point the individual computers to update from it using a GPO or local policy.

Basically, you're working too hard for the Updates. Even if you don't want to do manual sync, you can copy the contents of the WSUSContent folder, move that to DSL site from the Cable connected site manually if you want. You'll probably want to do this on the first sync to get all the past updates on both servers.
DonNetwork Administrator
Also go over this if you're concerned about bandwidth


Thanks All, i thought it would be fair to credit all three  

I think I will copy just the wsus data files over to the other vm OR try the manual sync dealio...

Also good read on the throttling the background transfer..

Thanks again,

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