Ms Office 2010 demo - nasty demo or crap software?

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I have installed a trial Office 2010 for a client of mine. She had Office 2007 before. Without questions old Outlook was upgraded and I was told to remote the older version for compatibility issues.
New Outlook 2010 works BUT it is not recognised by any programs in Windows as a default email program. Default Internet programs don't have this outlook even listed, blackberry desktop software, Nokia, PSTSync... all say that there is no Outlook installed. I remove all MS Office bits and bobs and reloaded the trial again... Same story.
For the sake of testing I loaded this trial on my PC that had only had Outlook 2003 and no other office programs. AGAIN none of Outlook sync programs can detect that there is an Outlook in the computer.
Is this just a nasty way to restric Outlook use in trial or is it just another crap-until-patch-released product of MS?
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I would say its probably a combination of the product still being a demo/test version. Although I believe Office 2010 has actually been released as a non demo now. Another thing that I would more likely look at is that this isnt really all a microsoft problem. There is a good chance that the programs you mentioned are not certified to work with outlook 2010. Alot of 3rd party suppliers dont have full support for new products for some time after they are released.


I did think of that possibility but when I click on an email link in Windows it also sais that there is no default software to fulfil this request...
Outlook 2010 is also not listed in the programs list that I can select for this default.
Hmmm i have the demo on a laptop give me a minute and let me check mine.
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Just tested a mailto link on my office 2010 computer and it worked fine. Then again i am on a windows 7 laptop. What os are you usiing?


I am on Win 7 desktop and the other PC is the same.
Did you install it on MS Office free PC or on the one that had an older version on?
Did you onstall the 64 bit version?

You should install the 32 bit version even if you are running on a 64bit machine.

Microsoft Office 2010 is available in 32 bit and 64 bit versions. The 32 bit version will run on 64 bit versions of Windows. Microsoft say there is no speed benefit with running 64 bit versions of Office 2010 over 32 bit versions. The main benefit is that larger file sizes can be used.

Microsoft recommends installing Office 2010 32 bit versions for now to help compatibility with other software. For more information see


Hmm... I have no idea. I just downloaded the file that was suggested my the Microsoft on the download page.
How can I check the bit version from the installed Office?
Win 7 is 64 bit on both PCs, so it should work anyhow...
Check the Help / About screen

Its not whether Outlook 2010 works - its whether the other applications that need to interact with it work with a 64 bit application. It is going to take a while for some applications to get updated to 64 bit versions.


Of course! There are more that 1 way of looking at this. Hmm..
OK, so it may be that I got a 64bit Outlook if MS detected that I have the 64 bit OS. The lot of third party applications that were using Outlook connectors to sync with it are not working because of the 32v64 bit issue.
However, this still leaves a mystery of the default Email handler in Windows. I can see Windows Live listed as the handler but the Outlook is not even in that list.
I may be wrong, but you'll only find out by uninstalling and tre-installing the 32bit version.

I think there are still quite a few other compatibility issues with OL2010 so it may be a combination of this and other issues.

But I sell a sychronisation tool, and one of the symptoms of an install not working because of OL2010 64 bit is that it can't find and/or connect to Outlook.


I did a reinstall of the office 2010 a few times now.
No luck... Well, I suppose I have my answer... CRAP software.

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