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Hi Experts,

I need to know if the following is possible.

We have a website out the domain, it's a site were users can book a vacation home.
We want a calendar on it.

The email adress, and the calendar that we are using now, is part of a domain (for the booking website).
We also have sharepoint foundation running on a w2k8 server.
I know you can easely sync an exchange calendar with the sharepoint calendar.

Is it possible to external link the sharepoint calendar to the booking website?
So internet users can check the calendar.

Internal users can check everyhting now, because they have a domain account.

But I want, that other internet users without a domain account, can check the calendar.
Somebody idea's?  Maybe with sync software of other calendars?
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Do you really want to give them access to the sharepoint server / calander, or just optionally add an entry in their own local Outlook, Google, iPhone.... Calendar?

If it's the latter it dosen't take long to add a bit of functionality to send an iCal (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICalendar) appointment, either to their email address or direct to their browser.


I just want that they can view the sharepoint calender.  But I don't want to give them access to the sharepoint server.  Because it's public internet.

So no adding or removing entries.  Just to view it.
Is it possible?

I thought a connection between the sharepoint calender, and some public calender?
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In which case, the easiest solution would be to defined a Public (Internet) profile for your share-point server, and grant Anonymous Reader access to the necessary elements. Subject to your Sharepoint license permitting this, oh, this approach is not that secure.

Alternatively Sharepoint provides various Web services, that will permit you to programmatically retrieve the data see:



Great answer!
Didn't find it myself.

I choose for the alternative version, because the first one, isn't so secure I think.

Let's test is, and I'll come back to here.


Arober11, thanks for the help, I'' give you all the points.

You pointed me in the right direction.

I do it now with a google calendar.

There is a tool to sync the exchange calendar with a google calendar.  And you can embed a google calendar in your own website.

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