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Error with SQL Agent 2008. (Agent cannot be started)

goltrek used Ask the Experts™
Hi everyone.
We recently made a change in our SQL Server 2008. Due to restrictions in the available disk space, we had the need to move all databases (including the system databases) to another disk.

The procedure ran successfully, all databases and SQL features (except one) are online. However, I have problems with the SQL Server Agent. There is no way that the agent is started. When I try to start it through SQL Server Management Studio, an error occurs:
Could you tell me what might be happening?  ERROR-SQL.txt
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How about starting it through Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services?
Does it show SQL Server Agent running, and if not, when you double-click on it, will it start then?


No, the services doesn't start. Through SERVICES.MSC console the  SQL SERVER AGENT service simply show a message about timeout. I did review security credentials and other settings, but all is fine.
How about the Event Viewer logs? Are any errors listed in there related to the SQL Server Agent not starting? If so, maybe we can track the error that way. Also, double click on SQL Server Agent under Services and check the "Log On" tab. Mine is set for "Log on as Local System Account " and runs just fine.


Hi Darksquire thanks for your interest. In fact, there are not any error related to starting actions in Event Viewer. SQL Server Agent is configured to start with Local System account (same as yours).
How about going into add/remove programs and see if SQL Server 2008 wil let you reinstall SQL Server Agent? Usually there are two buttons available when you highlight the program "Change" or "Remove" . If you select Change it will give you the option to reinstall or repair. In case SQL Server Agent is damaged. Worth a shot I guess


Honestly I prefer another method to diagnose the problem, but let me check..!

Thanks again.