Backup Exec 10d - Server service fails to start.

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We have a customer that had Backup Exec 10d running on a Windows 2003 server which was a member server of an SBS2003 domain. It worked fine. We then moved the Windows 2003 server to an SBS2008 domain and reset the credentials for the Backup Exec services. The Backup Exec Server service now fails to start and gives the following error in the application log:-

Source: Backup Exec.

Event_ID: 57802

The Backup Exec Server service did not start. An internal error [-14] occured in object 10.

I have looked on the Symantec support site where it appears to point me to the fact that something else is using port 3527 which is a port used by Backup Exec. I have checked the system using netstat and can find nothing that is using that port.

Can anyone shed any light on this please

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Markus VordererOwn Company

Please check your firewall settings on both sides. w2003 Server and SBS2008 Server


Sorry for the delay I have been unable to get back to the problem. I am embarrassed to say the system needed a reboot after all the changes.

Thanks to those who offered their assistance.

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