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Screws for hotswap tray 6-32 thread

Jason210 used Ask the Experts™
I'm searching for screws for hot swap SATA hard drive trays. Trays from vendors as varied as SuperMicro, Icy Dock, Synology, and the Infrant (NetGear) ReadyNAS all seem to use similar screws, but none of them seem to sell spare screws.

I need a 6-32 flathead countersunk phillips that's 0.20-0.30" long, and has an 0.19-0.20" (5mm) diameter

The problem is that it's a non-standard screw, in that the countersunk head is much flatter and smaller.

In the image below, in each pair, on the left is a standard 6-32 flathead. On the right is the screw that I need. As you can see the thread is the same, but the counter-sun part is flatter and has a much smaller diameter.

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Well first, sun, HP, and numerous vendors sometimes use funky screws with TORX, weird diameters and things just to prevent people from using their own HDs.  Sun will sell you anything they make via their spare parts catalogs. You can find a manual for whatever you need online to get the part number.  Then call the toll-free number for sun and have them connect you to spare parts ordering.

Check out this thread, it has pictures and a vendor you can call. Looks like an exact match



The article you quoted http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=63633 is one I found earlier, and from which I actually used this photograph. I have read through that article, but he never found the screws.
I can assure you that these screws are not made non-standard to be tamper proof. Install these disks in holders is something users need to do when they buy a NAS device. The reason the screws are non-standard is so that the head doesn't catch on the NAS device when you slide the hot swap cassette in. We have several hard disks, and several empty HDD holders that we can't use, because of these absent screws.
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Well, then go to sun spare parts or get one that is too long and a metal file.  Been there, done that.  Other alternative is to buy a few empty tray kits from a used equipment dealer.


Do you have a link for Sun spare parts please?


I have not succeeded in finding this screw, and the advice offered here has not helped. We will buy new tray kits, and throw away the trays and keep the screws...


I hate throwing away good equipment, but I don't see any alternative than to buy new tray kits with the screws included.
If the screws are for a readynas disk tray, give their support call they will ship however many you need for 5 bucks.
You might have to go through a few support guys before you get to one that knows how to order the screws for you but they can do it.