how to import a foxpro database content ?

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I would like to know how to import data from a foxpro database into an access table/database

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You didn't say what version of Access you're using, but if it's 2003 or 2007 then see this KB article:

Seems the Foxpro ISAM driver is not included with those versions, so you must do a bit of workaround (i.e. use the ODBC driver instead) for the import.
Download and insall VFP ODBC driver and then use it for DBF table linking to Access:

You could also play with VFP OLE DB provider in Access VBA:

If those are not big tables and do not want to mingle with odbc, you can easily export from foxpro to excel ( USE myTable then COPY to MyTable.XLS type XL8 ) then import the generated excel file into access

All of the above are good approaches, but another way you could do it would be to use Foxpro/Visual Foxpro and the COPY TO command to export the data content into another format such as CSV or XLS

Then your Access could import from those resultant files.

Good Luck

How to Convert a Microsoft Visual FoxPro Database into a Microsoft Access Database (MDB)
It seems the DBC2MDB (from UT download) requires VFP 6 and does have some problems when porting data. In such case I would rather export DBF files to Access via SQL Pass-through commands.
Every solution written by someone else has some problems. YMMV.

The file is in the VFUG Archives.

Access to Fox Upsizer. Migrates Access database structures and data to a new or existing Fox DBC. Support tables, data, and indexes..

I copied the opposite utility.  That'll teach me to interrupt working on PC hardware to post a quick message.

Fox to Access Downsizer. Migrates VFP database structures and data to a new or existing Access MDB. Support tables and data.

When someone uses the words 'Foxpro' (not Visual Foxpro) and Database in the same comment, it is highly likely that they mean Data Table(s) (i.e. DBF files) instead of a real VFP Database (i.e. DBC files).

Yes the old Foxpro terminology referred to Database when they were referring to a DBF file, but in today's world a Database (even a VFP one) is a good bit different than a Data Table.

Based on the names of the tools mentioned above they appear to work on Database files (DBC files) and convert them to Access Database files (MDB files).  

I cannot tell what they do or do not do with DBF files.   Nor what happens to Data Tables which might be contained within a Database.

If  dimensionav really means - "to import data from a  foxpro Data Table into an Access table/database"   then the approaches mentioned above might be more applicable than the other DBC-oriented tools.

dimensionav - Good Luck

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