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RAID 5 Foreign array

pcmwales used Ask the Experts™
I have a SBS2008 server on which the operating system drive failed (OS was on a single drive with 3 drives in RAID 5 for the data). I've reinstalled the OS but the RAID array shows up as Foreign, is it safe to import it and is there anything I should do to guarantee not losing the data  
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Mike ThomasConsultant
Top Expert 2010
You are seeing this as the server boots right?
I had the same thing happen on my poweredge 2950 after upgrading vmware and I imported the array just fine.


Thanks for the quick response
Yes, the server boots up OK on the new drive now but the RAID doesn't show in Explorer. If I look in Disk management, the 3 disks are shown but the status is Foreign.

Is the Dell Server Administrator installed on the server?
This tool can be used to clear that issue.
Top Expert 2010
Import the disks into the OS, you should have the option when you right click.


Thanks very much, it worked fine, took ages to resync the array but the data is good.