Where I can find LG drivers?

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Hi experts

Where I can find LG AN-WF 100 WIFI USB Adapter drivers, I buy another  WIFI USB Adapter but it do not work with my TV LG. or a good idea?

Thank you.

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why do you need drivers for this device?  from what I've read here:

it's quite easy to setup with the LG t.v...are you trying to use this with a computer?



Yes, I did with a  RJ45 wire, it was very easy, buy I bought another adapter because I couldn't find the LG.
Sounds like this t.v. is specifically designed to use wireless with only the adapter that comes with it.  If you have lost the adapter that came with it, and you must use wireless with this t.v., and it was me, I might try contacting LG technical support and request another one to be sent to me.

If you need to:

there's a "chat now" option.  Not sure what they'll charge for a replacement, but it may be a good place to start

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