WSUS 2.0 broken beyond repair

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This one has me stumped..  Upon initial baselining of a new client's server and ensuring that WSUS is installed and functional, it became apparent to me that this server has been having some issues for quite a while.  The primary issue seems to be that at one point, there was a drive attached that was called 'E:\" and on that drive lived WSUS 2.0's MSSQL database, supporting files, and also the IIS data.

Well, "E:\" no longer exists.  I do not know where "E:\" is, where it went, or who took it off of the system.  All I know is that it's not there anymore and every attempt to reinstall WSUS, MSDE and every other supporting service has failed to correct the problem.  

When I attempt to install WSUS 3.0 (all service pack levels have been attempted), the installation fails and I am presented with a logfile full of "Unknown Error" instances.

Is there something that I am overlooking?  Please Help!

(This server is running Retrospect backup and is a filemaker server, as well... I'm sure there are database instances that could be broken if I'm not careful.)
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is this running on windows 2003 server ? also did you verify if WSUS SQL instance exists in services console ? please give more details about the error , if possible post a screenshot of the error .
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You should also install the latest version


Removing the installer instance of WSUS with the 'windows installer cleanup' removed the WSUS 3.0 install roadblock.  

Thanks for the assist!!

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