How to keep internal email internal between two Exchange 2003 servers?

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I have two email sites located behind one firewall. They are both Exchange 2003 servers running on Windows Server 2003. They both have their own SMTP Virtual Servers and they both have their own Internet Mail connectors. Currently as I see it if I send an email from someone on Domain A to someone on Domain B the email flows out of the firewall and then back in. If I am seeing this incorrectly please let me know. I am wondering if there is any way to keep the email internal between these two sites. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.
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all you need to do is to create an SMTP connector on each Exchange server with the address space cost of 1 and set it to use a smart host relay which is the IP of the other exchange server that would make internal emails stay internal


Akhater that did it. Thank you for your quick answer. Stay tuned for some more questions as I am having several problems today!

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