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I need to use a script to query AD to show account that are dormant (90 days)
With AD you must query all DC's to get all last login, to ensure the data is valid
Then I need to send the results in to a csv

This is very similar to dumpsec, but I need it in VB so I can automate it and parse it

Can anyone help?
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The code below will give you the last time a user account logged on.

Example usage:

LL = lastLogin("CN=John Doe,OU=whatever,OU=whatever,DC=mydomain,DC=local")
wscript.echo LL

Then, just do something like

dy = datediff("d",LL,now)
if dy > 90 then blah blah whatever

Set rootDSE = GetObject("LDAP://rootDSE")
DomainDN = rootDSE.Get("defaultNamingContext")
DomainADSPath = "LDAP://" & DomainDN

Function lastLogin(userDN)
	On Error Resume Next
	TrueLastLogin = ""
	Set DCs = GetObject("LDAP://OU=Domain Controllers," & DomainDN)
	For Each DC In DCs
		serverLastLogin = ""
		server = Right(dc.name,Len(dc.name)-3)
		Set usr = GetObject("LDAP://" & server & "/" & userDN)
		serverLastLogin = usr.lastLogin
		If serverLastLogin <> "" Then
			If TrueLastLogin = "" Then 
				TrueLastLogin = serverLastLogin
			ElseIf serverLastLogin > TrueLastLogin Then
				TrueLastLogin = serverLastLogin
			End If
		End If
	If TrueLastLogin = "" Then TrueLastLogin = "Never"
	lastLogin = TrueLastLogin
End Function

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But I just need a list of all user accounts that have not logged in for 90 days


But I just told you how to get it and gave you the code to do so..  ?

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