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Unable to add users to Blackberry Enterprise Server

rauladan used Ask the Experts™
I have setup the BES Server as previous instructions by dmessman. One user was added during the installation about 3 weeks ago and that user is working fine. I have tried to add other users but I am unable to add them.

When I go to "create user" and I put in the name of the exchange server and the email address. I get the error as shown in error 1.jpg file

If I try to add a user "From company directory", I get the error enclosed in error 2.jpg file.

I have been working on this the whole morning and can't figure it out. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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Forgot to include the pictures. Sorry
IT Regional Manager - UK
i assume your BesAdmin account is only set as a domain user, and not linked to any other access groups (it must remain non-domain admin).

See this post about running the cleanup tool on your BES - http://www.experts-exchange.com/Hardware/Handhelds_-_PDAs/Blackberry/Q_25070889.html

Sounds like the user was on there and had been flagged for deletion.  Try this:

To verify if BlackBerry smartphone user accounts are queued for deletion, perform the following steps:

   1. Under BlackBerry Solution Management, expand User.

   2. Click Manage Users.

   3. In the Search for users menu, click Advanced search.

   4. In the Email criteria section of the Advanced Search, select True in the Queued removal of BlackBerry services drop-down box.

   5. Click Search.

BlackBerry smartphone users who are pending a deletion, but the process has not completed, will be displayed.

The BlackBerry smartphone user account can be purged from the database or removed immediately from the BlackBerry service by performing the following steps:

   1. Click the Display name of the BlackBerry smartphone user that is displayed when searching for BlackBerry smartphone users that are Queued removal of BlackBerry services.

   2. Click Immediate removal of BlackBerry services.



I appreciate your help. I tried the advanced search and I get the same error displayed in red in the first picture submitted above.

I will run the cleanup tool later after 5:30 PM and let you know if I am sucessful adding a user.

Thank you again for your help.


partial answer but fixed