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Operating Temp of Cisco 48 port SFP blade

jamesddavis used Ask the Experts™
I have 2 Cisco 6509 core switches, both of which have 2 WS-X6748-SFP blades each, 48 port SFP blades for fiber links etc. My boss decided he wanted to know the temps the core switches are running and the "show environmental temp all" showed these blades are running between 104 and 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is this a normal temp for these blades? I have looked around on Cisco's site and can find max operating temps, but nothing showing what temp is normal so to speak for them to run at.

I know load can change the running temps, number of SFP's etc.., but I am trying to find out if these are normal temps. The data center room is kept at 70 degrees.

Thanks in advance,

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80% of the max temperature value  you have seen in the cisco site can be expected as normal.

If max operating value is 100deg, then 80deg should  be acceptable.  There is nothing like universally accepted normal values...... organizations generally decide upon a safer value to bet.

On my monitoring system, a temperature of 37oC (98 degrees F) triggers the high temp threshold and an alarm at 40oC (104 degrees F) is regarded as max temp.

This is just on regular 3750E PoE 48port switches, not SFP blades.