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My client is running Outlook 2007 with the MS CRM 4.0 Outlook Plugin installed.  They sync all CRM contacts to their personal address book so it syncs to their mobile phones. The Outlook client is configured to search the CRM Address Book for name resolution as well.
That brings me to my problem.  When my client types in anything that's found in a CRM contact, it resolves to that person.
For example, if you type in a city in Connecticut, Outlook suggests all contacts that have that city in the address field of their CRM contact; or if you type in a name, the person you're looking for and their assistant both resolve because the assistant's contact has in the Job field, 'assistant to...'
This is not the behavior I would expect, nor is it what my client wants.  Logically, he wants to type in a name and only get results that have that name in the email address field.
Has anyone run across this before?  Anyone have any idea how I can limit the fields that Outlook searches for name resolution?
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I've had a look at your question and I'm afraid I cannot find a way to limit the fields that are searched in the CRM Address Book when looking for a contact.


If it can't be done, it can't be done.  Thanks for your reply.

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