Sync Subform to MainForm VBA Error 424 Object Required

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VBA is not my strong point, so this is problably something simple, but I think I am closely following the expample at to achieve a "Split Effect" by synchronizing two forms that have the same RecordSource.

However, when I open the main form, frmEntitiesMaintenance, I get a VBA run-time error 424, object required. See attached file. SyncForm.mdb
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use these codes

Private Sub Form_Current()
'tblEntities.Form.RecordsetClone.FindFirst "EntityID = " & Me.EntityID
'tblEntities.Form.Bookmark = tblEntities.Form.RecordsetClone.Bookmark

With Me.[Entities Name List].Form.RecordsetClone
    .FindFirst "EntityID = " & Me.EntityID
    If Not .NoMatch Then
    Me.[Entities Name List].Form.Bookmark = .Bookmark
    MsgBox "Record not found"
    End If
End With

End Sub
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here is the revised db


I guess I need some VBA training, as I don't really understand, but it works - thanks for the speedy response!

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