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Ricoh Aficio MP 4001 - How to enable faxes to print and save to a network folder?

jrogan7993 used Ask the Experts™
How can I enable all incoming faxes to not only print but also send them to an existing network folder. I have setup a ftp server and it works. The address list is already setup as registration number two and also works if selected.

I just need to know how to enable the incoming faxes to print and send a copy to the folder on the network using registration #2.

Thank you,
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I don't know much about Ricoh. However, very few MFPs let you save incoming faxes. Some let you forward the fax to an email address. And I don't know of any MFP that lets you print as well as save faxes.


Thanks hdhondt,

These will allow it. It just uses a scan to lan feature. I just can't figure out where to turn in on at.

It prints and then uses ftp to send it to the server. Or just a unc path to a share.

I tried getting in touch with our rep. they did it for us on the other one.
If it can do it, you should be able to set it up from its web interface. Enter the IP address of the machine and see what you can do from there.


hdhondt, i see you have a million points for printers....impressive!


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Deliver inbound faxes quickly by automatically forwarding them to e-mail addresses or network folders. Recipients receive an automatic e-mail notification of fax deliveries.
"Deliver inbound faxes quickly by automatically forwarding them to e-mail addresses or network folders. Recipients receive an automatic e-mail notification of fax deliveries."

That says it can save or email faxes, not that it can print *and* save them. However, if the rep set it up on another machine, you can most likely do it from the web i/f. But you will need a Ricoh specialist like wyliecoyoteuk ( http://www.experts-exchange.com/M_909316.html ) to give you a definite answer.


Thank you!


Is there a way to send a message to a specific person on EE?
I do not know of any way to send a message to a particular expert, apart from lodging a (free) question in community support, and requesting your message to be passed on.

However, as you accepted my last comment, does that mean you found the setting?


This feature has to be enabled from the machine via user tools, fax features, reception settings, forwarding. select type as "folder" then location" done.

From what I was told you have to do it @ the machine and can not do it remotely via the built in web server for administration.