bootable flash drive to run NetBoot for a segmented network.

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Is there a way to create a boot image (CD/USB) that can run the bless command on a mac to initiate netboot?

We have a segmented network and our servers are in one segment and the systems that are being imaged are in another. We can boot up using a FireWire drive with OS X on it and do the command that way but we are deploying mass amounts of systems from a factory state and want to streamline this process until our network team configures things as such that NetBoot will work across segments.
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Netboot relies on bootp from a dhcp server. Without the bootp protocol allowed/routable from netboot server to clients you are unable to initiate a netboot process. It is as simple as allowing the required ports and adding an IP helper address for the netboot server. For a Cisco switch:

conf t
int vlan x
ip helper-address x.x.x.x

An alternative would be to install an operating system image from a bootable network drive. I use deploy studio ( This is installable on both a server and an external drive.

Another alternative would be to prepare a reference machine, and clone the disk using carbon copy cloner or equivalent. Then target mode each client via firewire and copy the system back to each client.


We are getting ready to deploy over 70 machines and firewire is not ideal. We have a working solution using Casper Suite that takes 8 minutes but our network team is not very fast or willing at this point and unfortunately my deadline can not change until they do that leaving me few choices. If I do not find a solution by Tuesday I will have to setup my own NetBoot server locally as a temporary solution.

Thanks because you are dead on. We are just needing a light weight bootable option that will force the bless command on to the computer as an interim process.
I have found a solution for what I was looking for. It provides a way to bless a computer with a removable media.

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