putting an order for a .EU domain that's in "quarantine" state

darkbluegr used Ask the Experts™
I'm trying to register a domain name that has expired, and is now in the 40-day quarantine period (standard .EU domains waiting time).

What would be the best approach in order to place an order with a registrar, so that I can get the domain right after the quarantine state expires? Anyone has similar experience/ any registrars to recommend?

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If you feel the name could get picked up quickly I would Backorder the domain to give you the best shot at getting it.  Many providers offer that service.
You have to be in a EU country to do this --

To put an order in from the US, I would use Tucows --
Search that page for .EU before proceeding.

With EU domains, you need to be wary of pre-registration money scams -- taking money for no work.

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