Outlook 2007 not archiving email

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i am running into an issue where a users email is not archiving in outlook 2007. when you archive the folders get created but there is no mail in them. i have triple checked the settings and its setup to archive anything older then 6 months but he has mail from 3 years ago and still nothing. here are the steps i have tried.

Double checked the email archive settings
repaired outlook
uninstalled and re-installed outlook
check rights to the PST file
made sure there was sufficent space. there are over 100 gb on his computer

can someone please give me an idea on what could be wrong?
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Is this on a domain? The archive folder is on his local machine?

How 'bout permissions on the folder he is creating? Probably not the problem, but I've seen it.

Change archive settings to something less then 6 months. I had an issue like this when the email time stamps were screwed up and outlook never archived the really old messages.


Changing the date to less then 6 months works fine never would of guess that was the issue thanks for your quick response.

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