Edit an existing drop down list in Adobe LiveCycle Designer

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Greetings Experts,
I have an existing Adobe form that has a drop down list.  I need to change what is in the list.  I am trying to edit in Adobe LiveCycle Designer.  I have Adobe Acrobat 9.0 and LiveCycle Designer is 8.2.  I managed to move and edit a couple of fields but I cannot figure out how to edit the Drop-down list.  Thanks for any help
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You need to use/open the object panel.
If you did'nt see it currently press : Shift + F7
Or go to :
-> window menu
----> Object

Click on the field tab if not already selected and you will be able to add, remove or by double clicking on the option edit


Thank you leakim971.  That was it.  I can now see the list.  I can remove all the existing entries and add.  I have another question and if I should close this one and open another, please let me know.  The list is quite long and there are headings and the info under the headings is indented.  I deleted the list.  Added a heading.  Added another line.  How did the creator do the following list.  They must not of typed each line.  I looked in help.  Can copy cells from a spreadsheet and add to the form.  I tried that, it copies to the form, not to the Text area of the object.  

      <text>Chief Information Office</text>
      <text>   8421000    G60-0980-9825-300-00-0-0</text>
      <text>   8421100    K12-1510-IRS0-100-00-0-0</text>
      <text>   8421200    G60-0980-9825-100-00-0-0</text>
      <text>   8421300    KR2-1510-IMD0-100-00-0-0</text>
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You're welcome! Not sure to be able to help you on your new question so please open a new one. Kind Regards.

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