Coldfusion create instance of class from data element when cosuming a webservice

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I am calling the following wsdl via cfobject

I am attempting to call the following method registerDonor(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, which references the CreateRegistrationRequest data element.

I haven't been successful in creating an instance of the CreateRegistrationRequest class and setting values of its members, as well as the Phone class which is also a data element.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated in creating instances of methods located in the targetNamespace="" of the wsdl.
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As I'm sure you know, consuming web services involves a lot of trial and error.  The code below should at least get you to the login stage.  Obviously I don't have a login, so the straight code returns an error "Invalid UserId Or Password " ;-)  
	create registration request object 
	most fields are optional according to the wsdl
<cfset regRequest = structNew()>
<cfset regRequest.clientRegistrationId = "some string value"/>
<cfset regRequest.clinicInfo =  "some string value"/>
<cfset regRequest.deptIDRandomTestCode = "some string value"/>
<cfset regRequest.donorAdditionalIdentifier  = "some string value"/>
<cfset regRequest.donorDateOfBirth = "1975-02-15"/>
<!--- phone is separate structure --->
<cfset regRequest.donorDayPhone  = structNew()/>
<cfset regRequest.donorDayPhone.areaCode = "999">
<cfset regRequest.donorDayPhone.countryCode = "1">
<cfset = "555">
<cfset regRequest.donorDayPhone.extension = "123">
<cfset regRequest.donorDayPhone.station = "1212">

     use same type structure for regRequest.donorEvePhone  if needed ...
<cfset regRequest.donorHackNumber  = "some string value"/>
<cfset regRequest.donorId  = "some string value"/>
<cfset regRequest.donorLicenseExpirationDate = "2010-12-31">
<cfset regRequest.donorNameFirst= "some string value"/>
<cfset regRequest.donorNameLast= "some string value"/>
<cfset regRequest.donorNameMiddleInitial= "some string value"/>
<cfset regRequest.donorReasonForTest= "some string value"/>
<cfset regRequest.donorSex= "some string value"/>
<cfset regRequest.donorSSN= "some string value"/>
<cfset regRequest.donorStateOfResidence= "some string value"/>
<cfset regRequest.observedCollectionRequested = true>
<!--- optional array --->
<cfset regRequest.panelId= arrayNew(1)/>
<cfset regRequest.paroleOfficer= "some string value"/>
<cfset regRequest.physicianId= "some string value"/>
<cfset regRequest.registrationExpirationDate = "2010-12-31">
<cfset regRequest.splitSpecimenRequested = false>

<cfset regRequest.accountLocationCode= "some string value"/>
<cfset regRequest.accountNumber= "some string value"/>

<cfset svc = createObject("webservice", "")>
<cfset svc.registerDonor(userID="string user id", password="string password", registration=regRequest)>

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BTW:  According to the wsdl most of the fields are optional. But the example includes sample values that should demonstrate what values are expected.. I think.


Worked perfectly. I was totally over thinking this.

Thanks for your help.  
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You're welcome :)  You never know with web services. Sometimes what should be simple ends up being really complex. Glad it was the other way around with this one.

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