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I have 60+ users that use RDP.  2 of these users are winXP users that rdp to a 2003 server.  These users are receiving error messages that state:
"Windows cannot locate your roaming mandatory profile and is attempting to log you on with your local profile"
 They click ok then receive:
"windows cannot find the local profile and is logging you on with a temporary profile...".

Resolution steps I have taken:
1.  Delete local profiles from server from System Properties>Advanced>User Profiles.  (there were no local profiles for these users.
2. Delete corrupted profiles from same location.
3. Create new user profile from good user.  Copy this to users c:\documents and settings\[username] location.  Allow users permission to user this folder.

Users still getting error messages.  We do not use roaming profiles.  What am I missing???

We do not use roaming profiles.
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I hop there is no virus issue ..

so you have problem in remote pc while login in , why you are not trying to delete profile from C:\Documents and Settings\<user name> , Just take backup of (my documents and desktop) and delete the profile.

then, delete temperoray files and unwanted profiles (you can use CCleaner to clean temp files and cache)

next go to registry --> Aim is to find SID of corrupted profile and delete the sid value
path :-
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
(Don forget to take registry backup before doing above step)

Reeboot .... It should work for Wk3 too, try at your own risk

see this too



Thanks for the response.  I should have mentioned that I did not see these users profiles on c:\documents and settings\[username].  they simply did not exist.  I also had gone to the registry location specified but this too did not have their usernames.  I did see other usernames just not the two users that I needed.  

HI ,

Can you check the Event viewer for some Hint ?

Try User Profile Hive Cleanup Service,
get it from here :

Found the problem.  Term serv profile Path was set for a bogus location for these two users.  cleard and now working properly.  Thanks for your assistance.

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