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I need to get an existing tunnel backup after someone reset the remote side firewall the server side is an SG300 i need to beable to get in to the web interface but cant i can however telnet in. I have been able to get the ipsec tunnel info but cant seem to get the tunnel established can you help?
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if this is a juniper device then via telnet turn on gui access

depending on what interface you want yo use the gui on try the following in telnet

remember to do a save

this is for ethernet3

set interface ethernet3 manage ssh
set interface ethernet3 manage telnet
set interface ethernet3 manage ssl
set interface ethernet3 manage web

I hope this helps !


I was able to telnet in but unfortunatly the firmware on it was one that i could not turn on the gui however after getting in and gathering the info for the vpn tunnel i was able to reset the device and the gui was on by default thank you very much.

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